StainShield Curtain and Upholstery Dry Cleaner

drycleanerStainShield Dry Cleaner for Curtains and Upholstery

(Odour Free Solvent Cleaner)

Now reformulated to give improved cleaning power with less odour and lower toxicity. Provides extra encouragement to capitalize on a huge sales potential that covers the following markets:-

  • The dry cleaning of curtains on site. These to include stage drapes as well as domestic installations.
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and tapestries where wet cleaning is not a safe option. E.g. Suede, Nubuck, Chenille Silks

Whilst this product is normally applied through portable dry cleaning machines, hand cleaning using sponges and Terry Toweling is also an established option.

Available in packs of –

4 x 5ltr and 2 x 5ltr

Price based on 20ltrs  £18.40 per 5ltr

Mixed product orders accepted and quantity discounts available