An Introduction to Stainshield Products


With a few notable exceptions Stainshield products concentrate within the niche areas of carpet and fabric stain and allergy protection. Our long established solvent and water based stain protection formulas cater for all fibres and fabrics and are now backed by a highly competitive aqueous based concentrate (1-4)

The anti microbial and allergy protection product Actigard® is not only offered as an integral part of all these protectors but is also readily available as a stand alone product for the treatment of mattresses (see Mattress Medic) and all other soft furnishings including polypropylene. Approved under COPR by the HSE, Actigard is independently tested, long lasting and effective as a preventative against allergies, fungal moulds, mites and other infestations. The product also has an excellent kill rate for existing problems such as dust mites, flees, carpet beetle, moth etc…

Other Stainshield products listed include a competitive solvent dry cleaner for curtains and upholstery and what we consider to be quite the best stain remover for coffee, tea and red wine.

Stainshield’s long established general purpose stain remover covering oil and water based stains is ever present along with its 500ml retail version.

Carriage free of charge for orders over £120.00 Nett. Mixed products accepted.  Export (overseas) and own label enquiries welcome.

Enquiries welcome for regular offers on stain protectors, anti slip and anti microbrial products (Actiguard).