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Due to yet more new rules emanating from the EU and the Health & Safety Executive changes are imminent in the marketing of insectercides. Our approved Actigard product will have to be phased out and replaced with an anti microbial finish that will preserve all the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of Actigard (including dust mite allergies) but without the kill rates against flees, carpet beetle, bed bugs, etc.

We apologise to all our customers for these unforeseen changes but trust that the phasing out periods will allow everyone to adjust.

Stainshield Ltd.

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One-Stop Rug Anti-Slip

slip2The Professional non-hazardous spray formula. Stops!: CREEPING, SLIPPING & RUCKING

Applicable to all rugs, mats (including off cuts) & bathroom sets.

Equally effective when placed on all types of hard floor or carpets. E.G. Wood, Laminate, Vinyl Ceramic & Marble.

Items can be easily lifted and re positioned and bathroom sets machine washed at low temperature without loss of performance.

With most of your overheads factored in why not enjoy extra profits on a huge percentage of your work:

  • Off site rug cleaners
  • On site carpet cleaners
  • Off site binding and whipping companies

Contact us for readily available profit margins.


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